Same Skin, Different Colour

Some days and nights are easier than others. This morning was not the best. Woke up at 6am and couldn’t go back to sleep. Fearful thoughts filling my brain every time I closed my eyes. Knowing myself, I knew that I had to get out of bed and greet the beautiful day. It worked and continues to work. Beginning to have a steady meditation practice calms the mind and prepares me for the day ahead. A new chance to start afresh and work on my intentions: be patient, relax, and have fun.

On my walk to town, I met a new friend named David. We exchanged the normal greeting, “Hi. How are you?” “Fine, thanks. And how are you?” After I walked away, I heard footsteps getting louder. “Excuse me, miss. Do you mind if I touch your skin?” he shyly asked. “Sure,” I said back. He wearily touched my arm slowly and then looked at me with eyes of disappointment as if he was expecting something magical to happen. “Why did you want to touch my skin?” I asked. And he answered, “Because my teacher at school told me that skin feels different for whites.” Hmm, very interesting. “We are all the same,” I replied. We got to talking and I learned a bit more about David. He is ten years old in Primary 6 and on his holiday break so he was looking for work as a bricklayer. He lives with his father who is an engineer and his mother left him and now he doesn’t know where she stays.

I wonder where people form these ideas that based on our colour even our skin feels different? When can we realize that we are all the same? We all strive for the same things in life: love, safety, and happiness. I hope that when David goes home he can tell all his friends that my skin feels no different than his. 🙂


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