Part 1: Boarding

This was written three months ago on April 8, 2014, yet for some reason I never posted it, and I just found it 🙂 There are more updates to come!

Leaving on a jet plane soaring above the expansive earth below. Providing perspective on this crazy life. Moving away from my home for the past year and a bit. And into the unknown again. With a degree in my bag (hopefully), I venture into the unpredicatable world again. Always returning to the uncertainty and impermanence that has defined my life. Yet, I feel the most confident and calm than ever before. Maybe it helps that my backpack is full of crystals, tarot and angel cards, and a singing bowl, always bringing balancing and a connection to the earth and expansiveness above. I am ready to explore and immerse myself in the beauty of East Africa with my soul sister, Wezo (Leslie). Allowing the Universe to provide what I need at this moment and believing in the power of manifesting my own destiny.

Of course, there were cries. I am not afraid to admit that I am a deeply emotional being, just like my mum and her mum before that. Not afraid of feeling the deep and raw emotions that come with loving others and then leaving them. Tears shed as I left what I grew accustomed to. The house on Beresford Road and the morning chats over espresso. Charles (my car) and the adventures we took in him to the mountains, ocean, and weekend trance festivals. The inspiring and down-to-earth friends that enriched every moment. A lover who drove off into the desert on his own journey. But, as with everything in life, this time in Cape Town was impermanent. I had to pack my bags and leave.

I am off to meet Wezo in the beautiful island of Zanzibar. By the looks of the couples on this flight, it is a preferred honeymoon destination for South Africans. We have no plans, except to have an amazing time travelling together (first time properly travelling together), possibly write a zine, relax, and explore this beautiful continent. We will end the trip in Uganda where I will show Wezo around and introduce her to my friends and to the girls and staff of Girl Up. Hopefully, she can share some of her permaculture skills to help us start a vegetable garden outside the office. Let’s see what happens. Once again my mind starts wandering to new ideas and future plans, like a drunken monkey.

As I ponder over my windy and uncertain life path, I find that I am so addicted to travelling because the more I experience the world and the diverse and beautiful people within it, the more I begin to look deeper within myself to connect to my real authentic truth. Just this last weekend I was hiking in Lesotho and realised the power of music as I woke each morning to the singing of cow herders. It is the little lessons that stick. I hope wherever you are, in whatever part of your life you find yourself in, you can revel in the little lessons and mysteries of life and your inner self. This journey is not easy, but it is such a beautiful one!